Power Outage

When the weather is nice it’s easy not to give a second thought to preparing for storms. But thinking ahead can give you peace of mind when weather turns threatening.

To get the latest information on power cuts local to you, and who to contact for further information go to www.westernpower.co.uk/Power-outages/What-sHappening.aspx

• Keep a torch handy. Avoid using candles and paraffin heaters.
• Keep a wind-up/battery/solar radio ready so you can listen to local radio updates.
• Many modern telephones, especially digital or cordless ones don’t work in a power cut. Keep an ordinary analogue one handy.
• Protect sensitive electrical equipment such as computers with a surge protector plug. • If you have a mains operated stair lift, check to see if there is a manual release handle that can be used to return the stair lift safely to ground level if it stops working. Western Power Distribution have a Priority Services Register, so they are aware of residents needs and can advise them accordingly. If anyone in your community is vulnerable register at www.westernpower.co.uk/About-us/Priority-Services/PriorityServices-Register.aspx

Don’t assume that the power company know you have no power. Please ring them as soon as possible. If they already know about the problem, they should be able to tell you when they expect your electricity to be restored. Please call 105.